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New Pet Pro Dog Food Instructions

Sample pawTree go-home email I send when puppies are two weeks old and only after I have set up a pawTree account for each puppy customer.  I do this by going to my pawTree website and I do not sign in.  I select " I am a new customer".  I then add the puppy customer's name, email address, and an easy password I use for every single customer.  If I have cummunicated with the husband and wife or either have used more than one email, I set up an account for each email. This way, the customer can't accidentally place an order without using my link.  I also then only need to provide them with the URL without my unique link as once they are enrolled as my customer, they are my customer for life.  My email I send includes much more than just food, but I have only included the paragraph about the food. 

Feel Free to use all or part if it helps you but




DOG Food 

Your puppy will be used to eating a mixture of proteins in their dry kibble to ensure they are getting all the benefits different proteins can provide.  Dogs also enjoy a variety of food! Your puppy will be eating 2 different proteins with PawTree dry food. The two proteins are PawTree Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe and PawTree Turkey and Brown Rice Recipe. These foods are not available in retail stores. They are organic foods which contain no preservatives fillers, corn, soy, or gluten and all ingredients are produced in the USA.  They are the highest quality foods I have found.  You can order bags online and it will be delivered to your home. It is recommended that you buy a bag of each and mix them together. We recommend that you set up an automatic delivery (EZ Ship) every 30 days, so you do not have to think about ordering food.  You can easily log into your account at the later date to adjust the amount or frequency as often as needed.  

Please place your order at least 3 weeks before your puppy comes home to you to ensure you have food available upon your puppy’s arrival using the link: 


·         Go to 

·         Go to sign in(top right corner). If you are new to PawTree, we have set up an account for you using the email on file with us and the password is Puppy123. Once you login, you can change the password if you like. 

·         Choose the menu item “My Recommendations”. There you will find lists of the things we feel are essential to have before you receive your puppy. 

It is suggested that you continue feeding these high-quality foods throughout the life of your puppy/dog. TLC by the Lake Believes in the quality and integrity of PawTree products and will extend the standard two-year genetic defect warranty to three years if you feed PawTree kibble as the primary source of Nutrition to your puppy.  If you decide you would like to change Brands, it is recommended that you allow your puppy to settle into its new home without transitioning the food it is used to eating for the first month. 

During crate training, your puppy will need to see the crate as a rewarding and positive experience.  I recommend the PawTree Snailed it or Froggy stuffers to put blended banana, apple, pumpkin, ½ cup of kibble and anything else that your dog might like in these snails and freeze it.  This will be a blessing for you. It is certainly a MUST have. Two important notes when ordering from PawTree: * *Use INTRO4U on your first order to get 20% off up to $100 and to get free shipping on everything including your dog food, you have to set up an EZ ship and it must include at least 3 non-food items.  You can set up the frequency for anything you wish up to quarterly. For your next order, don’t delete the EZ ship if it has items you don’t need for that order. Simply remove the unneeded items and add something in its place to keep three non-food items in the order.  You can always use another bag of treats to make that third item to get free shipping.

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