Breeder Consultation

 Trudy is available for New Breeder Consultation and Guidance.

Consolation by the hour charge.


1. Should I or Should I not breed
2. How to Market my puppies
3. How to Start my web site
4. Kennel supplies and set up
5. How to pick Breeding Adults
6. What test needed before Breeding
7 Supplies needed for Whelping
8. Signs of pregnancy
9. Signs of Labor
10. Customer Service
11. Warranty with puppies
12. Care of puppies
13. What to look for in stud dog.
14. Natural or AI
15. Progesterone, why is this needed.

Consultation options is a conference call/zoom, in person at TLC, or on site visit to see and talk about your set up.

Travel expense will apply.

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