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Nutrition - Training 1-4 Weeks

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Your pets health just like your own is determined by nutrition and excercise. Standard  Poodles do not require a lot of excercise but they do need some. Doodles need Micro/Mini and doddles need 3x daily30 min walks and exercise to maintain good behavior. Their diet is of upmost importance.


We don't pretend to know everything about nutrition but our many years of experience has taught us a lot about how to care for our Puppies and what we feed them. Poodles that are well bred will have healthy skin and beautiful curly coats of  hair if given the proper nutrition.

We watch the many different dog foods and the ingredients they are made with and watch  closely the brands that have been re-called.  Fortunately we have never fed one of the re-called dog foods.  We feed out of the oldest batch first so if there is a re-call on that particular brand of dog food we wouldn't be feeding the latest manufactured or the batch which is being re-called. We also feed two brands of dog food and mix it. Therefore, if there would happened to be a re-call on one of the brands we are using (God forbid) then we will stop that brand and continue with the other. Then our Puppies won't  experience an abrupt change in their diet.

After doing some research we found what seems to be some reliable information for you on how you can determine whether or not you are giving the best nutrition to you  Poodles and doodles. We have  the information  for you. We do want to state that we are not nutritionist and that we are providing this information without any prejudice nor do we claim the expertise to determine the accuracy of the information but will state that, in our opinion it seems to be a good rule of thumb in determining the better quality of the different dog foods being sold. We will supply this list to our puppy owners.

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