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Poodle Wait List

Please remember we cannot promise any timeline. We breed but God and nature take it from there.



ASAP- Family wants from next available litter/puppy

Spring 2023 Family will not be ready for puppy till 2023

Fall 2023-That Deposit/Family will not be ready for a puppy till Fall 2023 so they will be skipped over until a Fall 23' 2024 litters-Waiting for later Litters then those presently here

best Pebbles 8wks.JPG

Standard Poodle

1. Breeder Choice 
2. Breeder Choice
3. Deposit Received, T. DeBoer, CA, M/F Fall 2023

4. Deposit Received, S. Richardson, MD Spring 2023

5. Deposit Recevied, A. Barton, VA, Spring 2023



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