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Delivery & Pick Up

What if you don’t live within driving distance of TLC  and can’t come pick up your puppy at our home in McHenry, MD? Then you  have several different options for you to pick from!

Please note that our puppies safety is very importance to us. 

Therefore, we do not ship our puppies via cargo.

Driving: Due to Recent increased in Gas Prices delivery fee has increased. 

We will try hard to keep it to a minimum

Airport Drop Off

For those a long distance from TLC and you would like to come and pick up your puppy in person and fly back with him/her, then this pick up option is for you!

I, or a member of my staff will meet you at Pittsburgh, PA, or Charlotte, NC International Airport with your new puppy and all The Supplies that you will need to fly back with your new furry family member. This option is $300 and includes a brand new Airlines approved Sherpa travel crate (, one toy with sibling smell on it,  one extra chew, a portable water/food dish, puppy pads, grooming wipes, and the necessary paperwork to travel with your puppy.

*Airfare for the puppy is not included (the airlines must be notified about puppy when you book your returning flight. $95-$125 per airlines paid at check in on returning flight) You must let the airlines know you are traveling with a Pet Ahead of Time.

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Puppy Nanny Delivery

If you don't have time to come pick up your new puppy then hand delivery by a TLC staff member that has been with the puppy from birth. This may be available to one of your nearest airports in the lower 48 states.

Please note that This option is only available on an EXTREMELY LIMITED basis. The cost for hand delivery starts at $900+/- .  

Contact us for more information on availability

Flight Travel Age

United: 8 wks of age puppy

Jet Blue: 8 wks of age puppy
American: 8 wks of age puppy
Southwest: 8 wks of age puppy
Spirit: 8 wks of age puppy
Alaska: 8 wks of age puppy
Delta: 10 wks of age puppy  



Travel Comfort Kits


Puppy Starter Pack

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