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Raising Puppies Guideline

Learn about puppy development from week 1 to week 7!


Week One

90% of time spent sleeping
10% eating
Susceptible to heat/cold
Instinctive reflexes: crawl, seek warmth, nurse
They can right themselves if placed upside down
Needs stimulation for urination/defecation
Rapid development of central nervous system
Need constant care from female
Rectal temperatures 94-97 degrees Fahrenheit
Pups may lose 10% of weight after birth, but should start gaining again
Weight should double by end of week

Care of the puppies:
Chart weight 3x daily
Examine puppies 3x daily
Trim nails weekly
Begin holding puppies in different ways (applying light stress)
Begin doing Biosensor 3 days old

Pups at one hour old
Keep whelping box around 85 F/29 C (this means if it's hotter than that out, put a fan in the room or turn on the air conditioning, if it's colder than that get a heat lamp to put above the whelping box)  When you handle the puppies, it's a good idea use a towel when you hold them  The puppies urinate upon stimulation and will inevitably find your attention stimulating! Dew claw and tail docking must be done between day three and day five.

Care of the female:
Keep dam on fluids for first 24 hours (i.e.. chicken broth, etc.)
Feed three full meals a day after that
Check mammary glands four x daily (looking for signs of mastitis -- swelling, hardness, pus, etc.)
Keep an eye on vaginal discharge (looking for signs of infection)
Make sure female eats, drinks, and relieves herself

To do list:
Keep detailed records on puppies' weight and behavior
Keep charting female's temperature
Call puppy buyers with results of whelping

Week Two

Development of the puppies:
Chart weight 1-2x daily
Eyes should open around days 8-14
Ears should open around days 13-17
Temperatures should be around 97-99F/36-37C

Care of the puppies:
Time to deworm pups and mother
Keep whelping box around 80-83F/26-28C
Trim nails weekly

Care of the female:
Female should get three times her normal amount of food

To do list:
Continue as above

Pink Bone Face Millie 12-21 NB.JPG

Week Three

Development of the puppies:
Teeth begin to erupt
Puppies stand up and start walking
Begin to lap liquids
Defecate/urinate without stimulation
Start becoming aware of environment
Start playing with litter mates
Develop sense of smell
Puppies will start to discriminate as to where to relieve themselves

Care of the puppies:
Start adding stimuli (toys) to puppies' life
specific stresses when handling (i.e.. pinch an ear or toe gently).
Start giving pups water to lap -- after two days, add some very mushy food
Give puppies a dirty shirt of yours to play with

Trim Puppies Nails
Start weekly Grooming sessions (brush, trim nails, look at teeth, etc.)

Care of the female:
Continue as above

To do list:
Feed kibble that has been Moistened with warm water
and also leave dry kibble available. Mom will demonstrate to them to eat it.
We Feed PawTree Turkey and lamb

Week Four

Begin to eat food  paw Tree Turkey and lamb
Begin to bark, wag tails, bite, paw, bare teeth, growl and chase
Use legs better
Tire easily
Depth perception starts

Care of the puppies:
Puppies  bath and blow dry
Time to deworm pups and mother
Mom is separating herself more and more from the pups. She wants to be with us.
Each pup needs individual attention
Food and play is provided by us getting them interested in Humans.


Care of the female:
Continue as above

To do list:
Feed kibble that has been Moistened with warm water
and also leave dry kibble  available. Mom will demonstrate to them to eat it.

Start limiting female's access to pups before offering them food


Week Five

Group activities and sexual play will begin
Dominance order starts
Rapid growth/development

Care of the puppies:
Reduce fluids in puppies' food
Make sure friends and family start coming to see pups
Begin weaning
Play radio at normal volume near pups

Care of the female:
Start reducing amount of food to discourage milk development
Keep a careful eye on mammary glands

To do list:
Discuss vaccination schedule with veterinarian

Week Six

Groom puppy again
Pups are Vaccinated DHPP and those staying for Training Bordetella
Encourage Puppy Owners to check out our Bring home puppy page to get ready for their puppy
Growth and development continue

Care of the puppies:
Time to deworm pups and mother
Puppies Second bath and blow dry
Offer soft, damp food
Individual attention crucial -- give each puppy time with you away from litter

Care of the female:
To prepare female for weaning: Day 1 -- no food
Day 2 -- 1/4 normal maintenance meal
Day 3 -- 1/2 normal maintenance meal
Day 4 -- 3/4 normal maintenance meal
Day 5 -- full amount of normal maintenance meal
Keep female on puppy food for several weeks to help her recover from the strain of breeding, whelping, and raising puppies
Keep careful eye on mammary glands

To do list:
Continue as above


Week Seven

Puppies are fully weaned and ready to go home.
Pups are Vet checked clear to go home .
Total hearing/visual capacity
Will investigate anything
Respond to "puppy puppy" name

Care of the puppies
Pups should be weaned and on regular puppy food
We use Pawtree Turkey and Lamb

Care of the female
Keep careful eye on mammary glands until milk is completely dried up
To do list
Continue as above

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