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Bernedoodle Wait List

Please remember we cannot promise any timeline. We breed but God and nature take it from there.



ASAP- Family wants from next available litter/puppySpring 2021

Family will not be ready for puppy till 2021Fall 2021

That Deposit/Family will not be ready for a puppy till Fall 2021 so they will be skipped over until a Fall 2021 litters



F1/F1B Standard Bernedoodle Litter Deposits

1.Breeder Choice

2. Deposit Received, E. Roman, MD, Standard, M, Also Sheepadoodle

3. Deposit Received Puppy Pampering, Available


Moyen  Standard Bernedoodle List: only breed one litter per-year
1 Deposit Received, A. Breslow, MD, Mini/Medium Male ASAP

2. Deposit Received, L. Wetten, DC, Mini/Moyen Sept 2023


F1 & F1B Medium-Moyen/Mini Bernedoodle Litter Deposits

1. Breeder Choice
2. Deposit Received, M. Marlin, UT, Mini Summer 2024
​Also Goldendoodle/Sheepadoodle
3. Deposit Received, G. McCarthy, NY, Mini Also Sheepadoodle Jan 2024

4. Deposit Received, A. Newman, Mini 

5. Deposit Received, Puppy Pampering, Available

6. Deposit Received, S. Saunderson, MA, Mini M/F, Jan 2024

7. Deposit Received, E. Mainz, MD, Mini/Moyen 8.


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