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Selection Process

If a puppy is listed -AVAILABLE- beside their Description on their mother page. Then that means their is NO waiting list and they are available to the first Deposit/Qualified family. You need to contact TLC at and verify the puppy is available. Then you can submit a Application and Deposit to hold that particular puppy. YOU MUST verify with TLC that the particular puppy is available before submitting a deposit.


Selection for Litters/Breeds with a waiting List:

When a litter is born we start at the top of that Breed and that breed's size wait list every new Litter.

We go down seeing who is ready for this litter. When you say you are interested in a litter, you are put on that litter wait list and will be picking on selection day at 4-5 wks of age. When we fill the litter with enough families to match the same amount of puppies, we then set up Selection day, usually at 4-5wks. This can take up to 2 wks to wait for families to get back to us to have the final litter wait list set. And that also may change up till selection day.

We have selection day at 4-5 weeks of age and puppies are picked in order of oldest to newest deposit date. Every family is appointed a time on selection day. Selection starts at 10am and goes every 30 min per family.

Selection is done here at TLC by the Lake (McHenry, MD). If you are not able to come on Selection day you can pick through pictures and video and/or you may do your selection by Skype,  FaceTime or Zoom.

If you pass on a puppy offered you within your requested time line and requested size  and sex, we have the right to move you to the bottom of the list or the "will let us know list"
We will be making way for families that are ready but the deposit wait list stagnant deposits are holding up their  opportunity at a TLC puppy

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