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Hi Trudy,

“Miley” is doing great. She is such a sweetheart. Very intelligent! She doesn’t like her crate, but slowly adapting. Housebreaking has been going well, she actually barks at times when she has to go out, but then regresses with an accident, but very few. Unfortunately we had to leave her with my parents this week as we left for vacation. I know it wasn’t good timing but we had the house booked since January. So we have been relaxing in the Outer Banks this week as my parents are enjoying her company. I grew up with poodles, so my parents are the only people I trust would treat her like I would.

Miley has been an absolute joy that we have been missing since Samantha passed. The boys are having fun with her and understanding what puppies are all about. She has been busy going to baseball games, camping and meeting our friends and their dogs. She sleeps through the night after a normal busy day. People have been very complimentary as to how beautiful she is and how well she is mannered. During the day when I’m working she is my buddy, laying under my desk sleeping or waiting until I can give her a few minutes of


Next year she will be in the Outer Banks with us as we really miss her. We all joke about how she probably wishes she was back with your family as we seem to tire her out on a regular basis. So this week is

probably a vacation for her as she is just hanging out with my parents. We will be sure to send you some pictures when we get home as she is growing fast.

Shawn H.

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