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Just a quick note to tell you that Daphne is already 16.8 pounds and healthy as

can be! She is a wonderful dog and everyone who meets her is amazed by both her

beauty and her wonderful personality! She is such a sweet girl, we all just

love her!!! She loves playing fetch and is so smart, I can't believe how

quickly she is picking up new things!!!

Trudy -

Daphne is doing great! As you can probably see from the

attached pic, we are getting her groomed regularly, but have opted not to go

with a more traditional poodle cut (shaved face) for now. You can probably also

tell from the blurry tail that she is as happy as she can be!! I still can't

believe how easy she was to potty train! I don't even know what advice I would

give anyone who asked - she just seemed to figure it out pretty quickly on her

own and she just "got it". She is so very well behaved that it's hard to

believe she is still just 4 months old!!! The boys adore her, Patrick and I do

as well - we love coming home to her everyday!!

Thank you again for



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