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Sandy & Tanner's litter of

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Selection Day  
May 25, 2024
First Appointment at 10:00 am

Please Note Times may change right up until night before selection day due to families high up on list picking early or families dropping off at last minute. Please watch here for changes.

Appointment in order of Deposit Date
These are only estimated START time for your Appt. 
These Times can change right up to night before Selection day

1.  Purple Collar Female

2. Deposit Received, A. Toscano, F1 Mini/Moyen M, Black
3.  Deposit Received, K. Ferguson/Jackson,   Peach Female

4.Deposit Received, M. Miller, Mini M 11:15-12:00 Green

5 Deposit Received, C. Quirk, MD, Red Male

6. Deposit Received, M. Lohr, Pink Female


7. Available Teal Female

8. Available Orange Male

9. Available Blue Male

10.Available Yellow Female


 Puppies Available


Sandy and Tanner


Sandy's Female

#2 Female- Teal Collar-
Born 4/25/24 5:05 PM

9.5 oz 
Ready 6/19/24
#5 Female- yellow Collar-
Available $3295

Born 4/25/24 5:50 PM
8.5 oz
Ready 6/19/24

Sandy's Male

#1 Male- Blue Collar-

Born 4/25/24 1:13 PM
9.4 oz
Ready 6/19/24
#3 Male- Orange Collar-

Born 4/25/24 3:15 PM
Ready 4/19/24