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Future Litters 2023

Please remember we can not promise any time line. We breed but God and nature take it from there.
Luke or Romeo, 2023.

Waiting List started


Application if you are  interested in any of the below litters, please fill out form below for the first form of contact. If you are ready to move forward you can fill our Application and submit with Deposit.

Your answers will be answered promptly (If you do not hear from us in 24 hrs please call or email again.  We are very prompt and do not want anyone's email to be lost in Junk mail. If you have further questions and would like  someone  to call you, please include your number when you email us.     

We have  one  waiting list for each Breed that we raise. When a litter is  born,  we go down the list and contact the families in the order the deposits are received. Each family we email is then asked if they want to go with the newborn litter or wait for the next opening, and to ASAP within 48 hrs so we can move on to next family if they want to go with that litter.

Upcoming Old English Sheepdog Litters Deposits

The Time Line is the Time the family wants a puppy

1. Breeders Choice - Female
2. Breeders Choice - Female
3. Breeders Choice - Male
Poppy Litter 5. Deposit Received, J. Buren, 12/18/21 F ASAP Puppy Pampering
Possible Poppy 6. Deposit Received, C. Hernandez, CA, 02/10/2022, Standard M/F June 2022 

Examples: ASAP- Family wants from next available litter/puppy
Spring 2023- Family will not be ready for puppy till 2023
Fall 2022- That Deposit/Family will not be ready for a puppy till Fall 2022 so
they will be skipped over until a Fall 2022 litters

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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