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Teddy Bear

Hello Trudy, just wanted to say thank you. The male poodle I purchased from you is amazing. We named him Teddy Bear because that is not only how he looks but his personality as well. He loves to be held and kissed and snuggles with me constantly. Keeping in mind he is a six month old forty pound lap dog. LoL. He is so sweet. He loves everyone but make no mistake....he would protect me in an emergency situation. He is so intelligent and learns new tricks all the time. He is very well

behaved. My groomer told me that they all fight over him during his

appointment. During our walks, everyone comes out of their houses to stop and visit with him. He is a magnet for children. He seems to instinctively know to be extra gentle with them. His wonderful color

always draws compliments as well. Thanks again for a wonderful dog who got the very best start in life thanks to you and your expertise. I would most highly recommend you. The love and support you offer are

invaluable. Sincerely, M. Brown

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