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Phoenix and Falcon

In Service Dog School with

Susquahanna Service dog School Trudy:

Just a quick note to let you know Phoenix and Falcon are doing VERY well. They are so polite and quick to learn (I knew that already which is why I volunteered for a poodle). We get together with Falcon regularly before class and Falcon has come to stay with us a couple of times when his family had to go away (and couldn't take him with them). This has been great for Phoenix since we no longer have our "own" dog - he passed away last winter and I am not ready to find a new one yet. Phoenix will be a great farm dog, he is friends with a pig litter, is becoming a playmate for our 2-week old Jersey calf, is polite with the chickens, and doesn't torment the cats too much. Actually he likes the cats but they really don't want to play with him. He loves when they bring him rodent presents. We are also working on city experiences with a friend who has a steady older dog as company around the noises etc. He seems to be doing fine. The only problem I have is he is toooo friendly, he gets soo excited when he sees people he can't wiggle hard enough. He has been losing teeth the past two weeks and i think he shot up about half a foot - all of a sudden he is like a uncoordinated spider. One of these days I will get photos organized and send them. Thanks for picking and providing these two really cool dogs!!!


Puppy Raiser

Susquahanna Service Dog School

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