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Midnight and Ganache

Hi Trudy and Bill!

I wanted to drop you a brief note (wish it could be longer, but I must attend to these high maintenance boys!). We celebrated their First Birthday on December 15th and boy did they know it was a special day. We invited some of our very close friends who have been instrumental in Midnight and Ganache's first year on earth. We began with high tea, scones (clotted cream, lemon curd, the works), and finished with some champagne and a red velvet cake, which we allowed Midnight a tiny lick. It was truly a special day, and it filled my heart with so much to joy to witness the impact these boys have had not only on mine and Oliver's life, but how important they are to so many others. Friends showered them with lots of gifts and their favorite snack (Greek Yogurt...0% of course). They have truly captured the hearts of our friends and the entire neighborhood. There is not a place we don't go within a 2 mile radius of the city (which is huge) where they either haven't heard of them or seen them! It's a bit awkward for us sometimes because they know the dogs and their names but NOT US!

Christmas was also a blessing to have them near us. Santa brought them 2 new sweaters which Ganache cannot get enough of! We listened to Christmas Carols in the park and they were so well behaved the entire time. Recently, our dog walker has been out of town so we put them in day care where they are the main event...among other dogs and staff. I observe them via cam from work to ensure they are enjoying themselves and properly tended to.

Again, I thank you for giving us the gift of these two as they are and will always be foremost in my heart. I wish you and your lovely family a very happy holiday and a prosperous New Year!

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