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mom in 2023

  • 55lb / 24" Tall

  • *Penn Hip- Pass/Eye CERF -Pass

  • *Heart-Clear/ Genetic panel-Pass

From Italy's Guardian Home
"Italy is a friendly, calm, and sweet family dog. She is loving and gentle to our young son, and friendly with other dogs and even cats! She loves long walks, no matter the time of year or environment, she is totally un-fazed by vehicles or construction when walking in the city and is in her element when hiking at our local or state parks!. Italy loves car rides, is very obedient and responds to positive reinforcement (belly rubs and treats), and does not exhibit any signs of anxiousness! She has been trained with the "bell" system on the door to let us know when she needs to relieve herself outside. She is a very quiet dog, and totally lovely dog!"

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