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mellow- Female

F1 Standard Sheepadoodle

  • Eye CERF-clear/ * v Wd-clear

  • *Penn Hips -clear/ Heart- Good

  • *OFA Thyroid-Clear

From Her Guardian home:

Mellow is doing really, really well.  She is just the best pup with an awesome personality. She loves all people young and old.  She is currently working as a therapy puppy alongside her big brother Bayr, to provide comfort to the youth at the detention facility that are afraid of large breed dogs.  She also assists me in caring for my 94 year old grandmother by keeping a close eye on her and being available for all the pets , belly rubs and love she can get. Mellow quickly got adjusted to my schedule (taking care of my Nana every other weekend) and has done really well indoors as she is not destructive.  She loves toys and dogs friendly bones to chew.  Mellow is a little sneaky though as she tries to sneak indoor toys outside and bring outdoor toys inside. She loves young kids.  My friend's  2 year old twins fight over which one of them is Mellow's best friend.  

Mellow feels that she should be touched by all people that she meets so we are struggling with keeping all 4 on the floor.  It's more about training my co-workers than it is about training Mellow to be honest. We are still working on walking calmly on a leash but she's getting there.  

mellow- Female
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