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Hi Trudy.

All is going very well with Remy. He had a very busy weekend. Friends and family stopped by Friday evening to meet him. Saturday morning was his vet appointment. All went well and we had him microchipped. Staff at the vets said they've seen standard poodles before, but this was the first time they saw a standard poodle puppy. Everyone LOVED him. We took him for a couple of walks over the weekend and he's doing quite well on a lead. He's already doing come and sit on command! Doug and I can't get over how intelligent he is! And he's an absolute joy to have! Such a snugglebunny. We've never had such an easily trainable dog. I've attached some photos of Remy with a ferret, lounging around the house and yard, and with our Grandaughter Lilly. Hope you enjoy them.

Will keep in touch.

Terri H

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