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Hi Trudy - just wanted to give you an update on "blue bone"

collar boy...we've named him Oliver. At his first vet appt. (the day after he came home), he weighed 11 pounds, five ounces. The following week, when he got first set of shots, he weighed 12 pounds, 15 ounces. He's growing well and had no intestinal parasites or worms, etc.

Ollie is a delight...he's very active, interested, and is socializing

extremely well with dogs, children, and older folks. He's been in many different environments, and has done very well. Sits on command, heels pretty well, still comes when called, although he recently discovered that he doesn't necessarily "have to." So, he's entering into the let's play chase phase.

Thank you so much for everything. I'll continue to send you

updates, especially as the service dog training progresses. In the meantime, attached is a picture taken today from my iPhone, a picture from last week, and two pictures from the day I picked him up from you.

PS: my parents neighbor has a standard poodle. We met while walking our dogs and I discovered that they got their dog Toby from you! He's from Misty and Peter the Great...he looks to be about 9-11 months old, I think. Small world,


Best, Mary

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