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Primrose and Charlie's litter of
Phantom Standard Poodles

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Puppies Sold


 Breeder Choice  Teal Female

1, Deposit Received, H. Brailer, MD,  Black Male

2. Deposit Received, C. M. Pink Female

3. Deposit Received -Purple Collar Female

4. Deposit Received- H. Cyphert, -Pink Stripe Collar Female 2nd TLC puppy

5. Deposit Received-A. Lonzetta, Red Collar Male

6. Deposit Received-C. Batelli, Peach Collar Female

7.Deposit Received R. Horn, MD-Orange Collar Male 3rd and 4th TLC Poodle

8. Deposit Received- Yellow Collar Male 3rd and 4th TLC Poodle

9. Deposit received S. Wagner, MD-Blue Collar Male


Primrose & Charlie

Charlie Best Adult.JPG

Primrose's Sold Puppies

#1 Male - Blue Collar - Brown Phantom -  Not Available
Born 10/19/22 10:21am
13 oz
Ready 12/13/22​

Primrose's Puppies
Not Available

#3 Male - Orange Collar -Brown Brindle Phantom  -  Not Available
Born 10/19/22 11:20 am
12 oz
Ready 12/13/22​