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Mia and Miles 
Standard Bernedoodles

Learn more about Bernedoodles here!


Litters coming soon!

Please Note Times may change right up until night before selection day due to families high up on list picking early or families dropping off at last minute. Please watch here for changes.


1. Deposit Received, B. King, Red Collar Male 2nd TLC Bernedoodle

2. Deposit Received, J. Fredlock, Blue Collar Male

3. Deposit Received, M. Johnson, Yellow Collar Male 2nd TLC puppy

4. Deposit Received, D. Cruce, Purple Collar Female

5. Deposit Received, M. Gross, Peach Collar Female

6. Deposit Received, D. Ewing, Blue Bone Collar Male

7. Deposit Received, R. Huddler, Black Collar Male

8. Deposit Received, N. Deaner, Pink Collar Female

9. Deposit Received, W. Rainey, Teal Collar Female

10. Deposit Received, J. Hebert, Orange Collar Male


Mia and Miles

mia adult best_edited.png
Miles Standing Best_

Mia's Unavailable Puppies

#3 Male-Orange Collar-Black & White Bi-Color
Not Available
Going home with the Hebert Family

Born 01/04/2023 1:18 am
8.5 oz​ 
Ready 02/28/2023
#2 Female- Bi color- Chocolate & White-Teal Collar -
Not Available
Going home with the Rainey family to join Kramer

Born 01/04/2023 12:17 am
9.5 oz​ 
Ready 02/28/2023