Jewels and Ace Standard Sheepadoodles

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Delivery Day
April 12, 2022

  • Jewels 1.Breeders Choice Yellow Collar Female

  • Jewels 2 Deposit Received, TLC Puppy Pampering 7/16/20 S. D'Souza Blue Collar Male 

  • Jewels 3. Deposit Received, M. Coppinger, VA, 12/27/20, Black Collar Male

  • Jewels 4. Deposit Received, L. Klejch, IA, 4/19/21, Green Collar Male

  • Jewels 5. Deposit Received, C. Weyand, OH, 2/24/22, Teal Collar Female

  • Jewels 6 Deposit Received, P. DeRosa, NJ, 03/10/22, Pink collar Female

  • Jewels 7. Deposit Received, D. Flores, VA 4/26/21, Orange Collar Male

  • Jewels 8. Deposit Received, Pink Stripe Collar Female

  • Jewels 9. Deposit Received, R. Schoeffler, FL 4/2/22 Peach Female

  • Jewels 10. Deposit Received, T. Smith, MD 4/9/22  Purple Collar Female Available


Jewels and Ace 


Jewel's Females

#1 Female- Purple Collar-Not Available
Going home with the Smith family
Born 2/15/22 7:35am
Ready 4/12/22​
#2 Female-Teal Collar
Not Available going home with C & T. Weyand, OH
Born 2/15/22 9:17am
Ready 4/12/22​​
#3 Female-Pink Collar
Not Available Going Home with P & J DeRosa, NJ
Born 2/15/22 10:54am
Ready 4/12/22​​
#4 Female-Peach collar
 Not Available Going home with R. Schoeffler, FL
Born 2/15/22 11:34am
Ready 4/12/22​
#5 Female-Yellow Collar
Not Available-Staying here at TLC
Looking for a Guardian family

Born 2/15/22 11:55am
Ready 4/12/22​