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Dottie and Ace's litter of
Standard Sheepadoodles

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 Puppies Available


1. Deposit Received, E. Rowand, PA, F/M, Peach Female

2.Deposit Received, M. Ulrich, PA, M/F, Pink Female

3. Deposit Received , V. Caplan - Pink Paw Female

4. Deposit Received, -Yellow Female

5. Deposit received, - Blue Male

6. Deposit received,S. Whitehouse-Purple Female

7. Deposit received, Teal Female



8. Deposit Received, F. Afsari- Pink stripe Female



Dottie and Ace

Dottie Adult_edited_edited.jpg

Dottie's Females

#6 Female- Pink stripe collar
Not Available

Born 11/2/2023 3:44 AM
Ready 12/27/2023

Dottie's Unavailable Puppies

#2 Female- Teal Collar-Merle
Not Available

Born 11/2/2023 12:47AM
11.4 oz
Ready 12/27/23
#1 Female- Purple Collar-Merle /1 blue eye
 Not Available

Born 11/2/2023 12:35 AM
14.2 oz
Ready 12/27/2023